Yes, we all know…

We are just finished with all the effort and difficulties of settling down and suddenly we are stressed again…

Why? Because we cannot bother our colleagues during the weekend, neither we can suffocate the people we just met asking to babysit us during their free time and most of the time they have local families and stuff to do…

One option might be joining a gym or experimenting some new challenging local sport, such as surfing, sailing, hiking, rafting, or join a sport club like karate, soccer but… if you don’t really speak the local language it could be very difficult: we all got through this hard time… don’t worry!

We would for sure suggest you first to invest some time studying the local language, getting familiar with the sounds of it, (television does help! Better if kids’ programs, they speak way slower!), entering the shops and test a few new words every day! And if you can, try to do an intensive course which will make you feeling more comfortable day after day.

A friend of mine once told me, after 5 years leaving abroad, he was still avoiding some shops and places because they could not speak English…

This sounded to me like living half of your life! We only have one… Let’s not waste it!!!

This site is always promoting getting more local and the purpose of it is, as for my own experience, I get to feel at home in a foreign country when I, not only feel safe and enjoy most of it, but I feel comfortable almost everywhere! 

In Portugal, where I currently live, it is even easier because local people are very friendly and with a huge smile they will help you out in almost any situation! (when I was in India I had the same smile but it was a completely different story…)

I’m a single mother and one of my greatest nightmares was what to do if I had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere… well I must confess it happened to me already twice and both of the times I didn’t have to do anything but smiling and ask for help! (well… the second time I had to pay because I had at the same time 2 flat tires but this is again another story!!!)

Once, many years ago, I was not still speaking very well Portuguese and I was busy furnishing and decorating my flat, so I went to this huge store in the outskirt of Lisbon, but when it was time to go back home, I simply got completely lost! (let’s skip the part that Portuguese direction’s plates were not really helping… nowadays Google maps is our best friend, isn’t it?!?) But that afternoon, after randomly driving for half an hour, I was feeling fully miserable… So, I took the best decision ever: asking in my very poor Portuguese where the hell I had to go to reach Rato! (because once there, I surely knew how reach my place!) To whom did I asked? To workers on the street… and one of them was so nice to take me right to the city center and  I just had to follow him… the thing is he was driving a cement mixer truck!!!

What’s the moral here? Nice people do exist! And especially here they will make all they can to help you out in any trouble! They will try to understand your weak dictionary and if you smile you have half of the way done!

But let’s go back to our subject: a nice way of gathering new friends are events in which you can share your experiences, your adventures, your struggles with good listeners… and there is no better listeners than people who know what you are talking about! We find very interesting participating in some of the INTERNATIONS events! They organize different events, according to people interests, and the result is always a nice relaxed time getting together with new people enriched by very different experiences! We always enjoyed attending these meetings!

Subscribe at their site,, find your group according to your location and give yourself the chance of enlarging your acquaintances with new incredible members!

Let us know if you are already part of some group or community and your feedback!


Enjoy INTERNATIONS in your town!

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