WCI Introduction

WCI Introduction

For sure you will soon understand by yourself: Portugues people really know how to have fun!

They are very welcoming and happy to share fun and more than everything else if this happens outdoor!

There were many moments in my personal life, that I wish I could have such guide next to me.

The last 12 years have been everything but boring. I’m not regretting any of it, but for sure I had really hard times, from Italy I moved to Portugal, than Kenya, Mozambique, India and Portugal again, my current residential country.

I don’t know about you, but every time the stress attacked me months before leaving, transforming in pure panic the day of the journey, just because of the original fear of the unknown. Of course I was always preparing myself before the moving, but I voluntary left everytime a different feature undiscovered, just to let my spirit experiencing some surprise, which now a days, in the media communication era we are living. it is just so rare…

Almost a year ago this project started having a shape, day after day it was growing, and becoming clear that WORLD CLUB INFO was meant to be the essential tool for expatriates.

Our “sedentary” friends (the ones living and working in the same place since ever) look at us as very cool people and easy to adjust in any place, situation, enviroment, climate… oh yes indeed, all true! But the real truth is that this had a huge cost and mostly in terms of TIME and ENERGY.

This is what WORLD CLUB INFO was born for. To save YOUR PRECIOUS TIME and ENERGY.

You will not need to ask around to the few people you just got to know, risking to bother them before even becoming friends, to ask about everything you need to know or to understand about your new residencial country.

World Club Info site is the  ONE STOP place for ALL THE HELP you need. Just ask us!

We are building with our local and tested partners a comprehensive network of recommended services and products and we are willing to improve our offer day after day!

We deliver all the local information for free; no cost is covered to have complete access to WCI site. Through yours comments and questions we will be able to get to you everything you need.

Our mission is to make your settling down easier, smoother, putting you in contact with the local expat community as much as with the local expat friendly people.

A of this is WORLD CLUB INFO, Everywhere you want to be.

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Do you want to join us?

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